Velociraptor in Robin’s Clothing

Young Robin - Copyright 2012 Hywel Evans

This is a juvenile Robin which has made a garden in Bray it’s home, and will come and socialise if it hears voices about. I hope it’s not that social around cats though! It should be fully grown by now, and will hopefully get some new photos soon.

Ice Cap

A view over the  icy bogs on Djouce Mountain, with the Sugarloaf peeking out in the distance, and a close up view of the remains of an ice cap over bog.

Djouce Mountain

Most of the trail up Djouce is constructed of rail road sleepers, to protect the natural bog on the mountain side from being trampled, as well as prevent the bog water from draining away down well worn trails. It could also just be to prevent people getting wet boots. Who knows? It is a narrow trail though, so if you’re not watching your step, or you get hit by a strong cross-wind (or a boisterous wolfhound), you’re going to get wet boots anyway! Djouce Trail - Copyright 2012 Hywel Evans At the end of the trail in this image, you can get a great view over Lough Tay down to the front right. I have a panorama of Lough Tay, which you can view here in a previous post.

Wolfhounds on Djouce

I came across some people walking their three Irish Wolfhounds out on Djouce – beautiful (and HUGE) dogs! Just one of these dogs must be enough work as is, but three…? There will be more photos from the hike coming over the next few posts – it was a beautifully clear and crisp day (with a freezing gale to make things interesting).

Irish Wolfhound - Copyright 2012 Hywel Evans

Mobile upload: Sugar Loaf, Co. Wicklow

The beautiful and scenic Wicklow county! This is the Sugar Loaf, a great climb and obviously a great photographic subject. It’s appearance changes constantly as the weather or time of day change. I have not as yet made it out here with my camera to make some proper landscape images, but it is on my ‘to do’ list for the near future. In the mean time I will have to be satisfied with this image form my phone… Sugar Loaf, Co. Wicklow - Copyright 2012 Hywel Evans