Strobist Experimentation

I bought a flash about a year ago and have unfortunately only got around to experimenting with it on the odd occasion. Sitting it on top of the camera is easy enough (and can get complicated when you start looking into bouncing,  diffusing, gels, etc…), but what really interests me is off-camera flash!

So, there was an open invitation on g+ this morning for submissions of black & white photos. I got an idea into my head of making a minimalist image of my bicycle, using the flash to overpower the midday light in my the apartment. After a little post processing and converting to black & white I arrived at the image below.  Am I happy with the result? Yes I am. Can I do even better? Absolutely, and looking forward to it! 🙂

Bicycle - Copyright 2012 Hywel Evans
Bicycle and off-camera flash

Any thoughts or constructive feedback?