MACBA, Barcelona 2012

I have been going through some images from my Barcelona trip in 2012 again. Here are a few of Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA), the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art.

Gràcia Reception

Gràcia Reception - Copyright 2013 Hywel EvansThe view in one direction from our balcony, during a stay in Barcelona. Gràcia is a great area to stay if you prefer being among locals rather than throngs of tourists, and is only a short walk away from the city. There are plenty of little streets to wander down and get lost on, which often lead to an inviting square or food market.

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Barcelona Beach House

An image from the start of Summer 2012 – a sculpture on the beach in Barcelona, taken while visiting my younger brother. Even in the early Summer, Barcelona is a load warmer than Dublin gets in mid-Summer, so the heat was thoroughly enjoyed. The architecture, both old and new, is brilliant too.

A city I will definitely need to visit on a few more occasions!

Beach House - Copyright 2013 Hywel Evans